School where you can learn astrology


Here is some of the school where you can learn astrology

The London School of Astrology

The London School of Astrology was founded in 2000 to celebrate the start of the new millennium by Sue Tompkins and Christine Tate, two astrologers who had been successfully working together for over 15 years. While Sue Tompkins continues to teach for the LSA (alongside other top astrology tutors in the UK), the LSA is now run and managed hands-on by teacher, publisher and writer Frank Clifford. The aim of the LSA is to provide a high standard of tuition by recruiting tutors who are experienced, practising astrologers; teachers and consultants who can bring with them the accumulated knowledge that is only acquired after many years of working on a day-to-day basis with planetary symbolism.

Sydney astrology school

Sydney Astrology School runs a certificate course catering for the basic beginner right through to the more advanced student.The course combines both fundamental theory and practical application with the awareness of the profound role Astrology plays in human development and internal growth.The Certificate course consists of level 1, 2 ,3 and 4 each comprising 1 module per week over 10 weeks.An ongoing level 5 is also available for students interested in taking their knowledge further to more advance techniques and practical application.Workshops and lectures are also available outside the school curriculum for astrologers wishing to hone their craft and fine tune their skills.  Sydney Astrology School facilitators are Marc Laurenson and Geoff Marx both highly respected astrologers and teachers with a wealth of over 30 years experience between them. If you enjoy astrology as a hobby or intend a career as a practitioner Sydney Astrology School has classes designed specifically for you.

Kepler College

Kepler College are a varied group, from administration to volunteers, Who live throughout the United States and around the world. Some have over 40 years experience practicing astrology and others are relative newcomers. Kepler was founded in 1992 and opened its doors to academic students from 2000-2012. In 2010.

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